The goal of ISACA's continuing professional education (CPE) policies is to ensure that all certified individuals maintain an adequate level of current knowledge and proficiency in their respective field. Each year, a random sample of certified individuals is selected for audit. CPE policies for all ISACA certifications require certified individuals who are selected for annual audit to respond and submit required documentation of CPE activities.

The 2014 annual CPE audit will begin in mid-July. Those selected for the audit of their 2014 CPE hours will be notified via email and hard copy letter and will need to supply the ISACA certification department with copies of their CPE documentation for the CPE hours reported for 2014. If selected for the audit, you will be sent notification identifying the documentation that is to be supplied to ISACA for the 2014 CPE hours that are being audited. The deadline for returning supporting documentation is 20 August 2015. Those individuals who do not comply with the audit will be subject to revocation.

As per all ISACA CPE policies, each certified individual must obtain and maintain documentation supporting reported CPE activities. Documentation should be retained for 12 months following the end of each 3-year reporting cycle. Documentation should be in the form of a letter, certificate of completion, attendance roster, verification of attendance form (a sample of which is located on each CPE policy page) or other independent attestation of completion. At a minimum, each record should include the name of the attendee, name of the sponsoring organization, activity title, activity description, activity date, and the number of CPE hours awarded or claimed. Detailed information on CPE requirements can be found on the Maintain Your CISACISMCGEIT and CRISC pages of the ISACA web site.