Today marks the 22nd year of ISACA Manila Chapter’s formation!

On Lyn Geronimo's suggestion, the group started the organization of ISACA-Manila Chapter. Vir Leynes contacted ISACA International (USA) to discuss the interest and feasibility of forming the local chapter. ISACA International responded favourably and welcomed the group into its umbrella. Thus the Manila Chapter was born. The organizational meeting to address the formation of ISACA-Manila Chapter was held November of 1995. The group invited Bella Valdez, Ana Lim, Reggie Nery and Mel Diaz to join. There were only 11 members present during the meeting but 15 members were required according to the by-laws and articles of incorporation. To complete the legal requirements for forming the chapter, Lou Agravante and Bella Valdez invited other staff members of the SGV Computer Audit Group to attend the meeting and sign the SEC papers. The papers were submitted to SEC and the articles and by-laws were approved in March 1996.

The first general membership meeting and oath taking of the first Board of Trustees was held at the PhilCom Building's Board Room on January 20, 1996.